Supportive Services

Addressing and treating the unique challenges that veterans face is the focus of Zero Day Supportive Services. ZDSS provides customized professional assessment and counseling support to ensure Veterans have the greatest opportunity to become “well” (physically and emotionally s BEFORE they are confronted with the stress and pressure of entering an academic or work environment.

Zero Day Supportive Services (ZDSS), an affiliate of Zero Day, is a properly licensed
(State of Michigan License #30328) Readjustment and Reintegration counseling agency focused on treating and counseling Soldiers/Marines/Airmen/Seamen and their families.

•Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
•Depression Disorders
•Anxiety Disorders
•Anger Issues
•Substance Abuse Disorders
•Grief Issues
•Martial/Family Issues

Getting Well and Stable
This process begins with the successful completion of Zero Day’s training and education programs while maintaining full-time employment/On-The-Job Training. Throughout this process, veterans receive necessary supportive services and assistance in the development of a life plan that will lead to sustainable personal success, dignity, and a sense of purpose.

For Interested Veterans

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