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Apartment Building to Single Family Home

Community Revitalization: Historic Urban

In the heart of nearly all urban communities, large homes still exist, full of high-quality architecture and wood products, and a snapshot in time of the type of craftsmanship that is nearly impossible to find in today's world.  Far too many of these homes have been raised, while even more are contributing to urban blight, as most have been carved up into multiple rental units, rarely maintained, abused, and all too often shelters criminals within our cities.  This project is a prime example.  As a 4 unit apartment, recent residents of this house were evicted and some convicted.  Zero Day purchased the house from a community revitalization collaborator, and through our partnerships, converted it back to a single family home.  Veteran apprentices, working alongside refugees from 3 other continents performed all the work,  while learning new trades.  The investment raised the property value above $165,000 in a few short months and is now home to a young family who desired to be part of the renewed community.

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