Land Bank Contracts

Land Banks throughout the Midwest encountered mass acquisitions of property during the recent recession. Nearly every property was blighted and abandoned and examples could be found in all communities, with higher concentrations in Detroit and Lansing Michigan. Relationships were developed to improve such properties deploying apprentices hired by Zero Day.  Zero Day also purchased select houses for rehab, which became renovated and energy efficient homeownership opportunities for returning combat Veterans.  In Lansing alone, more than 300 properties were improved by Veterans working for Zero Day in 2013/14.  Talent and ability varied as much as the diversity of needs.  Carpentry apprentices installed new roofs, doors, windows, porches, and performed extensive shoring up of dangerous structures, and reclamation and restoration of historic architectural products. Hazmat and heavy equipment teams eliminated blighted failed structures, and made tremendous environmental and human safety improvements, eliminating asbestos, lead, and remedied toxic and dangerous conditions. The creativity needed to accomplish this feat included 24-hour security teams, safety officers on site, and the startup of an all Veteran landscape crew that maintained the hundreds of properties, maximizing the resale opportunities of these properties for Land Banks, and private property owners.


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