Natural Partnerships

As more recruits enrolled with Zero Day, there was an obvious and immense appreciation for outdoor recreation, and it is no coincidence that outdoor sports enthusiasts, natural resource groups, and extreme sports athletes united with us. 


Relationships flourished as our Veterans were offered a myriad of opportunities that included career opportunities, recreation, therapy, adrenaline, and tons of camaraderie. Foundations such as P.A.T.H., Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, MUCC, Cabela's, Abrams, RMEF, and companies such as Vortex, RMC, Trijicon, HomeDepot, Next Level, and Gander all pitched in to help create an abundance of opportunities.


Zero Day found tremendous support from the Michigan DNR, the Michigan Sportsmen's Caucus, and the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, with Michigan’s Senator Michael Green playing a huge support role legislatively and boosted our network throughout the state. Hosting events attended by our Veterans matched up with representatives throughout Michigan provided unique relationships, education, and recreation. 


Zero Day’s Fishing Team was outfitted with patriotic Bass Boats participating in Veteran focused outings. Additional activities included saltwater diving/fishing, great lakes tournaments, firearms competitions, archery, mountain biking, upland and waterfowl hunting, and survival camping/wilderness hunting trips in the Rockies, Adventures span south to San Antonio, and as far north as the Arctic Circle, so far! 


Activities continue to develop and are focused on extreme challenges and uncommon opportunities for Veterans. We participate in challenges all year long for Veterans with and without disabilities.  While part of our role has been to educate lawmakers in the value of such opportunities for Veterans, our real focus is as simple as, get outside and enjoy nature. Experience the rush, the quiet, the fellowship, the solitude, and healthy living.  Mother Nature offers great opportunities to play as hard as we work!


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