Housing Revitalization Partners

Zero Day’s crews quickly grew in numbers and experience, we also experienced an increasing range of capability, talent, and zeal for making the world a better place while working alongside fellow Vets.  New recruits joined our programs to enter GI Bill  apprenticeships, taking on higher level challenges, and profound community revitalization impact.  By the 3RD quarter of 2013 our crews were ready for all aspects of residential construction.  Our first new house was completed in 4 months and was our first connection with refugee families. With Geothermal heating, 6 bedrooms, ultra energy efficiency and full accessibility, every challenge was over come, ahead of schedule and under budget. The recipient family worked with Habitat for Humanity as they became homeowners, in a house built by American Military Veterans, many of whom had served in this family’s native land.  More partnerships grew from this, and many more new construction projects followed.


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Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, 49037

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